Basique isn’t…

a platform for constant complaints without actions, the accommodation of religious and political dogma, the elitist and socially myopic, self-serving individuals without the slightest hint of human consideration and educated illiteracy backed by unchecked facts and lack of forward thinking,

it is…

a multi-faceted culture of human fundamentals rooted in positive and developmental change in society locally yet with a global view. It seeks to address social issues from the angle of diversity in mindsets, opinions and actions while acting as a melting pot for the unification of individuals with one voice.

Our mission is to refocus the collective actions of individuals and their inherent diversity to kick-start the desired positive, innovative and sustainable society we all yearn for through our online media platform by:

  • Uniting individuals in diversity
  • Giving life to the opinions of the common man
  • Being a representative base for the unification of voices
  • Moving society forward through the creative, innovative and interactive power of individuals.

We draw our strength from the uniqueness of every individual in society as we would simply be an EMPTY online media platform without the curated creative, innovative, experiential and informed inputs of a large variety of indigenous Nigerians who collectively write, speak and generally create with us and we can only get stronger.

We seek to appeal to all your five sense plus ONE, presenting to you the very nature of the society and environment around you; starting with the way it is, leading to what it could and would be globally.

You too can help us achieve our goals or even surpass them by participating on our platform in any capacity to bring to more people the awareness of their role and prime position in the transformation of their immediate environment.


Basique is a concept of ILE AWEDA; a R&D Enterprise focused on the research and development of innovative concepts, products and services in relation to Social and Environment Issues.