Life Inanimate

Humans are beings with forms which form our basic identities when in our raw element; tall, dark skinned, short torso’ed, muscular, lean, straight or whatever peculiar shape of legs.

Then, we seek to be more than just basic, engaging the identities of the inanimate in a bid to express that which lies beyond the baseline of unclad human physical identity.

Clothes give us identities and even go further to accentuate who we are as people. They have formed the basis of socio-cultural identification through time and serve as distinguishing factors for and of people of varied demography and geography.

What possibilities await us when clothes decide to taken on identities of their own without the support of the human form? Can they be perceived as living in attempts to carry out day-to-day human activities or remain ever human-dependent?

In this collaboration with BASIQUE, Aina Ayokanmi and Ajibola Babatunde Aweda experiment with clothes in a bid to visualize these questions, leaving the observer with the two-tailed choices of True/False.


Photography – Aina Ayokanmi

Direction – Ajibola Babatunde Aweda

Human Counterpart – Oyun Adesoye Emmanuel (ENTYCE)

Location – Ilorin, Nigeria

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