Taking Back Our Ears

If our ears could travel, they would go to a land where sounds abound infinitely, engaged with the best of sonic activity or… the worst!

The Nigerian Music Scene is booming and shaking the world over with great exports and its hybrid sounds. However, how does our musical content resonate with our hearing and inevitably our minds? What does it stimulate in the mind of the average Nigerian listener?

Entyce Art
Oyun Adesoye Emmanuel ‘ENTYCE’ (Music Producer)

Deborah Eriba discusses with Music Producer, Oyun Adesoye Emmanuel, popularly known as ENTYCE, as they go through the current state and trends in Nigerian Music while seeking to understand the exact direction of our ‘ear journey’ and the need to take it back or not!

https://anchor.fm/allbasique/embed/episodes/Taking-Back-Our-Ears-e1pvln“>Listen Here



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