July – Artistic Authenticity

Artistic Authenticity BriefWherever a knock-off exists, there is always an original; a like design with a higher level of genuineness that cannot be disputed by any observer.

Largely, the art scene and art in general is plagued with a large number of lack lustre and fake persons who under the guise of creativity, bring forth works of diverse styles, types and forms through various media that scream “FAKE! FAKE!! FAKE!!!” right from the universe where they issue from.

Before we begin to think that this might be some sort of shade or an attack at a certain crop of people, we really need to understand what authenticity really means.

Authenticity is the state of originality of a thing, person or entity that has gone through all stages of verification and validation as AUTHENTIC. Being a person qualified by this adjective means you have been verified as a unique kind, having peculiarities that exist only in one being, you!

This month on BASIQUE, we would be discussing with 6 Artists “SUPER MINDS” across different industries, involved in various crafts, as they take us through what truly makes them authentic and the positive impact of this authenticity on society!


Bayo Art 2
Jolaoso Adebayo Wasiu (Fashion Photographer)
Shaulay Art
Olatoke Angela Mayowa (Fashion Designer)
Entyce Art
Oyun Adesoye Emmanuel ‘ENTYCE’ (Music Producer)
Ebube Art
Ebubechukwu ‘STRIPES’ Agu (Writer x Poet)
Reggie Art
Amen-Omoregie Osas ‘REGGIE’ (Rap x Afro-Fusion Artiste)
Ayo Art 2
Aina Ayokanmi (Graphic Designer x Photographer)


Artistic Authenticity BriefDo not miss out on any of these!


Authentically yours,


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