June – Innovation in Nigeria and The Global View

This month on Basique, we’re looking at the state of innovation in Nigeria in relation to the what’s obtainable and required globally!

Every single thing in the world is undergoing a rapid change in the pipelines of innovation; from how and what we eat, how we communicate and even out very existence!

We’d be speaking with a crop of people who are walking the innovation talk as they give insightful ways in which innovation can be increased and merited from locally!

June 1 – Surprano Clothing – The Genesis and The Process

June 11 – Increasing Innovative Thinking in Construction Practices with Engr. O. Akinola and Ijaiya Olatutu

June 18 – Tech Innovation in Nigeria X Turn Up with Ayo Isaiah, Adesoye Oluwatobi, Olaofe Dolapo and Abiola Olanrewaju

All on https://anchor.fm/allbasique

More to come this month!

Cheers to June!

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