May : Stereotypes and Habits.

Image Credit: Ajibola Babatunde Aweda

Opinions are the very pillars of any society; supporting the very frame through which things are viewed, giving a voice to actions and happenings in and around us. Without these, a mute space results; rendering the people voiceless; devoid of a peculiar vocalization of their societal identity.

However, in Nigeria, we live in a society where some long-bred opinions of others, usually elders, have grown into norms and gradually become inherent stereotypes and foundational habits for some. These opinions are most times deeply rooted in sentiments and superstitions which are based either on a person’s fears or a collective accord representative of myopic views.

Image Credit: Ajibola Babatunde Aweda

While these stereotypes have been the order of the day for this fraction of the population, in this fast changing world, cultural and societal norms are being revisited and observed under a more objective lens with the aim of refocusing the basis upon which these are supported towards a more contemporary direction.

This month, we are looking at Stereotypes and Habits in a bid to critically analyze and shed light on some of these topically with different perspectives from guests, panelists and contributors!

Enjoy the month of May! Cheers!

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